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Post 40 Newsletter
September & October 2016

2nd Saturday of the month at 8:30 AM is the new meeting time for Post 40.  Breakfast is served at 8 AM.  Mark your calendar for September 10 and October 8.  Bring a friend and/or family member eligible to be a member of The American Legion.

The 7Oth annual Chowan County Regional Fair will be September 27 through October 1.  Set-up will begin Monday. September 19 at 8 AM.  All who can help will be appreciated.  Exhibit entry will be Saturday and Sunday afternoon, September 24 & 25.  Get your exhibits ready.

From time to time Post 40 has the opportunity to cater large groups who have rented Post 40.  There is such an event September 2 & 3. Auxiliary Unit 40 has agreed to be responsible for the September 2 event, Post 40 will be responsible for the September 3 event.  HELP IS NEEDED FOR BOTH DAYS.  The Auxiliary supports Post 40.  It is time Post 40 supports Unit 40.

The Homecoming for Department President Brenda Toppin will be Saturday, September 17 (an RSVP event).  Help is needed in preparing food.  If you are willing to help, call 482-4057 and leave a message.

The Reverse Raffle, with $5,000 in prize money, is scheduled for Saturday, October 15.  Only 129 tickets at $100 per ticket will be sold.  The cost of the ticket includes a steak dinner and other amenities. Fundraising is a necessity for Post 40 to continue its programs for the youth and veterans of our community.  As of now Post 40 is operating off borrowed money.  Call today to reserve your ticket.

The American Legion Department of North Carolina Fall Conference will be October 21 & 22, at the North Raleigh Hilton in Raleigh, NC.  Anyone planning to attend should call the Hilton to make room reservations.  Be sure to tell them you are with The American Legion.

The annual Emergency Services Appreciation Banquet will be Thursday, October 27.  Tickets are $10.00.  Get yours today to show your support for our Emergency Services personnel, your friends and neighbors.  Every day they leave home to go out meeting all types of challenges to support their community, that's you and me.  Help will be needed that day to prepare the building and the meal.

The next BBQ Chicken Fundraiser will be Friday, November 4.  Tickets will be on sale soon.  Only 1200 tickets will be available.  Get yours ASAP.

How can a preacher, comrade, your Chaplain get your attention to my theory of “The present state of America".  To me it's scary to believe the Scriptures of the true and Holy Bible because of what I see that is really happening?

A young college student gets expelled from school because he modeled a drone with firearm and flame thrower.  This is nothing strange to me because I knew this would happen when they first became marketable so farmers could survey their crops and businesses could use them for delivery.  Many can imagine the widespread danger drones can become.

65% of this Country (America is Mad) because if you will notice those who are robbing, raping, shooting children, merciless killing in the streets, in Churches, gatherings, police and murder after abduction, these people do not care about life or themselves.  Now policemen and neighborhoods are crying “Stop the violence", it will not stop.  Who will give the OK for the citizens who are already heavily armed to begin to wage war against the many different societies, with different religious backgrounds and different nationalities.  Yet all are humans and mostly US citizens who helped to build this country. This great country is headed in the wrong direction and will fall to lawless organizations and cold-blooded murderers like many other countries, but if we become refugees where can we run?

These minds were not motivated yesterday or ten years ago.  They began with many children like the little nine-year-old boy outside of the hotel in Spring Lake, NC Sunday morning who asked me could I let him inside because his father took his key away from him.  I asked him where was his mother and he said she was in the hospital.

Again, my wife was at a dental office a couple weeks ago and this mother came out into the waiting room and her daughter or granddaughter went over and tried to sit on her lap, but was pushed off.  Then the little girl went over and stood looking out the window.  How many thousands of children grow up feeling not wanted?

My parents often told me to be careful how I treated people because you never know whose hands you are going to fall into.  No one knows this better than a veteran in both war and peacetime.

I grew up in a segregated neighborhood, segregated schools, segregated bathrooms and segregated eating places, yet I would never have thought the things that are happening today would ever happen in this country.

God’s only son said, “I rather you be hot or cold, lukewarm, I will spew you out.”

I pray that the members of the American Legion Post #40 will grow closer for God and country, we all have enough problems within ourselves without creating problems for our fellow man.

Rev. Roscoe Poole Jr., Chaplain, Post 40 



Sept 2 & 3------------------------ Need for catering help

Tues, Sept 6 - 7:30 PM --------Aux. Unit 40 Reg. Mtg

Mon, Sept 5, 12 & 19------------- Bingo (Help needed)

Sat, Sept 10 - 8:30 AM------------------ Post 40 Reg. Mtg.

Tues, Sept 13 - 6:00 PM--------------------- SAL Reg. Mtg.

Tues, Sept 20 - 7:00 PM-------- Post 40 Exec. Comm. Mtg.

Mon, Sept 19 - 8:00 AM------- CCR Fair set-up begins

Tues, Sept 20 - 8 AM - CCR Fair set-up continues

Wed, Sept 21 - 8 AM - Complete CCR Fair set-up

Sat, Sept. 24 - 1 to 5 PM — CCR Fair Exhibit Entry

Sun, Sept 25 - I to 6 PM - CCR Fair Exhibit Entry

Tues, Sept 27 - 4 PM — CCR Fair opens to public

Sun, Oct 2 - 11 AM — CCR Fair teardown begins

Mon, Oct. 3 - 9 AM - CCR Fair Cleanup continues

Tues, Oct 4 - 7:30 PM------------ Aux. Unit 40 Reg. Mtg.

Sat, Oct 8 - 8:30 AM-------------------- Post 40 Reg. Mtg.

Tues, Oct 11 - 6:00 PM--------------------- SAL Reg. Mtg.

Sat, Oct 15 - 6:00 PM-------- Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

Tues, Oct 18 - 7 PM------------- Post 40 Exec. Comm. Mtg.

Wed, Oct 19 - 730 PM----------------- CCRF Board Mtg.

Fri, Nov 4 - All Day---------- BBQ Chicken Fundraiser



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